Manager Advantage

Fairview has developed an integrated solution to Investment Management services which is designed to cover key aspects of the investment process, including:

Investment Sourcing

  • Fairview’s relationship network is a result of industry participation and our reputation as a preferred counter-party with consistent processes and execution.

Strategy Development & Due Diligence

  • Fairview has developed proprietary real estate and credit analysis underwriting procedures, which provides the basis for our investment recommendations, pricing, and acquisition negotiation.

Operational / Asset Management

  • Fairview implements disposition strategies of acquired assets on a case-by case basis with successful execution of the preferred strategy often pre-established to yield our Investors the highest rate of return, with minimized risk exposure.

Investor Reporting & Communications

  • Fairview’s implementation of proprietary management tools has enabled us to provide unique services and transparency to our clients. Our platform provides LPs with comprehensive real-time asset updates, quarterly reports, capital account statements, and timely K-1s.

Risk Management & Compliance Oversight

  • Fairview Partners Investment Management, LLC is a registered Investment Adviser in Washington & California. Our internal compliance policies and procedures have been developed in accordance with statutory requirements as well as our own strategic needs, providing our team guidance in managing complex investments.

Investment Execution

  • Fairview provides an alternative investment strategy based on capital preservation and absolute returns through targeting inefficiencies in the real estate market. Our core mission is sourcing and executing on opportunities with limited downside and expansive upside.